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Vampiric Origins

Throughout the millennia, there have been things stalking the night. Strange men and women have made others their prey for power. Others have be afflicted with a curse they cannot control or contain. But there is one thing they all share: they are vampires.

That means different things for different people. The origins of the beings begin dividing the grouping:

  • A Rakshasa is a natural vampire. How they gained their gifts of the blood may not be, but they had no vampire nature to their pedigree and were not turned. They are generally the most powerful, if unable to control themselves or their natural weaknesses.
  • A Draugr was turned into a vampire by another. They’re the most typical, with a bit of power to them and some of the weaknesses of their kind.
  • A Dhampir was born to this. Their family had prepared them for the initiation into their bloody gifts. While their weaknesses are fewer, they do not tend to have the wild talent of others.

The ways in which they come to their power are similarly varied:

  • Natural vampires simply have the gifts of blood. Most often, these are simply a few talents and gifts that get them through the nights. While it’s not glamorous, this is the most common variety of vampire. It has the additional benefit that fewer people try to murder you.
  • Master vampires have many gifts of the blood, with six varieties of varying power needed in order to establish themselves as this status. Masters are called such because they are the leaders of their kind.
  • Finally, ghouls are those who drink in the power of others in order to boost their own. While it’s not pretty and earns you enemies, it’s powerful.

Gifts of Blood

Why would one ever want to be a vampire? For the power, of course. Granted, not every vampire has these abilities, but those who do understand the reason undeath has passed through the ages since the cradle of civilization.

The most common gifts of the blood are the six gifts which all Master vampires must possess to one degree or another. They are:

  • The Gift of Destruction: particularly devastating abilites which include telekinesis and pyrogenesis
  • The Gift of Sight: revealing what is hidden with abilities such as enhanced senses, visions, and ghost sight.
  • The Gift of Mind: ability to read the thoughts of others, see through their eyes, and compel them to do as you wish.
  • The Gift of Predation: things that make it easier to feed, such as superstrength, superspeed, exceptional beauty, and daywalking.
  • The Gift of Immortality: the ability to make another into a vampire, as well as eternal life. While the second can’t be tested, it’s assumed if they can do the first.
  • The Gift of Blood: binding another to your will with your blood. It can also be used to heal another if one is strong enough.

There are also quite a few other gifts of the blood. A selection of them is given below. While not necessarily weaker than the above, they are less common. They are:

  • The Gift of the Huntsman: a strange mastery over animals.
  • The Gift of the Incubus/Succubus: power over dreams, sleep, and sexual feeding.
  • The Gift of the Revenant: rapid healing, returning from the dead, unnatural resilience, or other things that make one unstoppable.
  • The Gift of the Yuki-Onna: mastery over cold and ice.
  • The Gift of the Wild: ability to shape the elements of nature itself.
  • The Gift of the Scarab: flight and other ways of defying gravity as well as going to ground.
  • The Gift of Mist: ability to occlude minds with invisibility and illusion to cover one’s tracks.

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